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Increasing safety and productivity for UK workers: Ansell introduces new solutions at Health & Safety Show, Sandown Park

Workplace safety through optimal hand protection. Ansell launches new extreme cut-resistant gloves and focuses on protection and productivity
in the food industry.

Brussels, 21 January 2009
- Ansell Healthcare, a global leader in protective gloves for all industrial sectors, including building & construction, automotive, metal works, pharmaceuticals and food-service industries, will be showcasing its large portfolio of safety and hand protection solutions at the Health & Safety Show in Sandown Park (UK) from 24 to 25 February 2009 (Stand nr. 25). Two innovations will be introduced: the PowerFlex® 80-658 extreme cut-resistant glove and the HyFlex® 11-435, the first cut resistant level 5 glove made with water-based polyurethane (PU). Focusing on protection and productivity in the Food Industry, Ansell will be hosting a seminar at the event on February 24th at 12 pm.

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Growing safety awareness

In today's industrial sectors, productivity and cost-effectiveness are of primordial importance. To reach high performance targets, workers must be able to work fast and comfortably. In addition, workplace safety is a key requirement: staff must protect their hands against a broad spectrum of possible hazards: high temperatures, sharp materials, puncture risks, contact with oils and other chemical hazards... In the UK alone, 6 million days were lost last year due to workplace injury. As the undisputed world leader in hand protection, Ansell offers a wide range of solutions for the industry, as well as unequalled expertise and a high value-services package.
Sharing the industry's concerns, Ansell is participating in Health & Safety 2009 considering the trade fair as an unmatched platform to promote a higher awareness for occupational safety and to demonstrate the company's recognized expertise in hand and arm protection.

Challenges in the food industry

For this year's edition of Health & Safety, Ansell puts an emphasis on protection and productivity in the food industry. The industry is faced with imperatives which are hard to reconcile: assuring an effective production while at the same time protecting workers. Cold working environments can cause musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limbs and the risks of cuts to hands need to be reduced. The seminar will elaborate on how gloves play a role in the prevention of these problems and how they can contribute to the performance of food industry companies.

Innovative solutions using cutting-edge materials and technologies

On display at the Ansell booth will be the company's most recent innovations designed to address specific occupational safety hazards. Focus will be put on the introduction on the Turkish market of the PowerFlex® 80-658 extreme cut-resistant glove and the HyFlex® 11-435, the first cut resistant level 5 glove made with water-based polyurethane (PU).

Intended for high cut-risk work handling glass, metal, scrap waste and recycling, Ansell's PowerFlex® 80-658 is the first three quarter dipped glove with a cut resistance level of 5 to offer the extra forearm protection of an extended knitwrist. The addition of cotton isolates the skin from direct contact with the cut resistant yarns, resulting in a glove that is softer and more comfortable to wear than many cut resistant gloves. The knitted liner retains its properties through washing and is highly resistant to abrasion (level X). The PowerFlex® 80-658's triple-layer yarn construction is composed of steel, fibreglass and Kevlar®.

The HyFlex® 11-435 is a knitted, seamless, 13-gauge supported and dipped glove offering extreme resistance to cuts, abrasions and burrs (EN388 performance levels: 4-5-4-2). This new glove is intended for handling, maintenance, preassembling and cutting of dry or slightly oily parts, glass, sharp objects and components, sheet metal and ceramics. Composed of nylon, fiberglass and Dyneema®, the liner offers excellent breathability and a "cool" feeling. The new HyFlex® 11-435 is the first cut resistant level 5 knitted dipped glove on the market to be coated with water-based PU. Using water instead of dimethylformamide (DMF) solvent in the manufacture of PU gloves or coatings increases the safety of both Ansell workers and end users wearing gloves in their daily jobs. Using water instead of chemical solvents also results in more environmentally-friendly processes

Proven splash resistance against hazardous chemicals

Next to these cut-resistant innovations, Ansell will showcase its complete range of high-quality gloves of which the successful Touch N Tuff® nitrile glove. Specifically designed for personnel at risk from chemical splashes at work, the Touch N Tuff® resists a greater variety of industrial chemicals for longer periods than any other nitrile disposable gloves. The glove's new long cuff provides increased protection and better fit on garments. This high level of protection, combined with excellent comfort, makes the Touch N Tuff® ideal for many applications: pharmaceuticals, laboratories, chemical handling, automotive assembly and more.

Ansell experts will welcome visitors at stand nr 25.

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