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Gammex PF IsoDerm : Ansell Healthcare adds synthetic version to best-selling range of surgical gloves

Valuable alternative for surgeons with type I latex allergies

, 29 February 2008 - A world leader in barrier protection and a pioneer in latex allergy research, Ansell Healthcare now has widened its range of synthetic gloves. The Gammex® PF IsoDerm®is the first latex-free glove in the Gammex® range - a series acclaimed by surgeons worldwide for its exceptional combination of protection and comfort levels. Exhaustive trials with surgeons and nurses throughout Europe have rated the new glove as a more than worthy alternative to its Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) counterparts: acceptance was close to 100 %.

NRL gloves have long been the gold standard in many hospital settings, for their combination of superior barrier properties with tactile sensitivity and comfort. But with 3 to 11 % of healthcare workers being sensitive to latex, today's hospitals make increasing efforts to pro-actively avoid and manage allergic risks. Healthcare workers without latex allergies are advised to don powder-free gloves with the lowest possible protein-content; while allergenic colleagues have to switch to latex-free alternatives. Ansell Healthcare offers high-quality solutions for both groups. The Gammex® PF IsoDerm® is the newcomer to Ansell's synthetic offering for operating room personnel, a group of which 8 to 10 % is diagnosed with latex allergy.

Polyisoprene: no proteins, perfect fit

Containing none of the NRL proteins that could cause type I - the commonest - allergic reactions, the Gammex® PF IsoDerm® is Ansell's synthetic solution for healthcare workers with this latex allergy. Instead of NRL, the Gammex® PF IsoDerm® is made from a thick-dimension-polyisoprene, a synthetic material found in rubber bands, baby bottle nipples and extruded hose. The material has long been the subject of intensive research and now proves to be a great alternative to latex as it succeeds in providing latex-like characteristics, such as perfect fit and soft 'touch and feel'. Ansell's glove manufacturing process, including extensive post-washing, also reduces the onset of type IV allergies, potentially causing delayed contact dermatitis. In addition, the Gammex® PF IsoDerm® is free of casein (animal derivative) and contains no DPG accelerators.

Building on the strengths of the Gammex
® range

Besides its striking latex-like perfect fit and suppleness (thanks to the polyisoprene), the Gammex® PF IsoDerm® has the same ergonomic characteristics as all Gammex® family members. A micro-textured outer surface ensures secure grip and the lining allows easy donning during an operation, even with damp hands. Also the adhesive band, for example, gives a secure hold on the surgical gown,. In addition, the Gammex® PF IsoDerm® glove guarantees the sensitivity so typical of Gammex® gloves. During end-user trials (55 in total) in hospitals all over Europe, surgeons and nurses expressed their high appreciation of all these comfort features, with acceptance by the vast majority (close to 100 %).

High-protection barrier

This Gammex®' high barrier protection capabilities are, as ever, a prime concern to Ansell. Before final packaging, extensive tests are carried out, such as visual inspection and water-leak testing according to AQL inspection procedures. This ensures a low risk of pinholes and high barrier protection. Surgeons opting to double glove, which is strongly advised, can combine the new Gammex® PF IsoDerm® with the latex-free, and also accelerator free, DermaPrene® Ultra.

Prevent type I latex allergies

The Gammex® PF IsoDerm® is designed specifically for operation room workers with a type I latex allergy and/or who treat patients with such an allergy. As a precautionary measure, this synthetic glove is also highly recommended for emergency and rescue services, and especially for childcare.

About Ansell

Ansell Limited is a global leader in barrier protective products. With operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Ansell employs more than 11,000 people worldwide and holds leading positions in the natural latex and synthetic polymer glove and condom markets. Ansell operates in three main business segments: Occupational Healthcare, supplying hand protection to the industrial market; Professional Healthcare, supplying surgical and examination gloves to healthcare professionals; and Consumer Healthcare, supplying condoms and consumer hand protection. Information on Ansell and its products can be found at

For more information, please contact:

Wouter Piepers,

Global Communications Director, Ansell Healthcare,

Tel: + 32(0)2 528 75 68, Cell. +32 (0) 478 33 56 32


High resolution colour photographs and further information may be downloaded from!Gammex PF IsoDerm!0!0⟨=EN

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