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Ansell Healthcare provides recommendations for handling contaminated birds

Brussels, April 7th, 2006: Ansell Healthcare Europe has issued recommendations for protective gloves and equipment for use when handling birds or bird products potentially contaminated with avian influenza ('bird flu'). Specifically designed for employers whose workers are exposed to such risks, these recommendations for gloves, aprons, sleeves and shoe covers are available on line and supported through a technical help desk. The activities which place workers potentially at risk of contracting avian influenza include: poultry farming, veterinary examination and post-mortem examination, culling of poultry, carcass disposal, cleaning and disinfection of contaminated areas, sampling and activities in diagnostic laboratories.

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, employers are required to provide the following Personal Protective Equipment: "impermeable disposable gloves or heavy duty rubber gloves that can be disinfected. Gloves should be removed promptly after use and safely disposed of. Protective clothing, including headware which fully covers the hair must be worn; preferably disposable outer garments or coveralls, an impermeable apron or surgical gowns with long cuffed sleeves…Disposable protective shoe covers or rubber or polyurethane boots that can be cleaned or disinfected should be used…Disposable PPE should be properly discarded, and non-disposable PPE should be cleaned and disinfected using standard disinfection procedures…Hand hygiene measures (hand washing or disinfection) should be performed after removal of PPE." Other requirements are described in the ECDC guidelines to minimise the risk of humans acquiring highly pathogenic avian influenza from exposure to infected birds or animals.

As a leading provider of barrier protection to the industrial sector, Ansell is committed to a policy of prevention and has therefore provided guidelines to organisations who wish to protect their workers against this threat. Ansell has selected the most appropriate Ansell gloves, sleeves, protective aprons and shoes covers to help protect against viruses, including the A/H5(N1) virus. Recommendations are offered in three main areas of activity: the removal of animal corpses (including site disinfection); disinfection and dissection; and lab applications and preventive vaccination of birds.

The company has posted its complete recommendations for selecting the most appropriate hand protection/protective clothing on their website. These can be accessed on Ansell is offering the assistance of its Technical Department through an email help desk which is ready to answer any questions about the suitability or the performance of the products.


About Ansell:

Ansell Limited is a global leader in barrier protective products. With operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Ansell employs more than 11, 000 people worldwide and holds leading positions in the natural latex and synthetic polymer glove and condom markets. Ansell operates in three main business segments: Occupational Healthcare, supplying hand protection to the industrial market; Professional Healthcare, supplying surgical and examination gloves to healthcare professionals; and Consumer Healthcare, supplying condoms and consumer hand protection. Information on Ansell and its products can be found at

Note to editors:

For industrial workers handling birds or bird products, recommendations are available from Ansell on the following website page:

The full set of recommendations for healthcare professionals is available on:

The technical department can be reached at the following email address:

For more information about Ansell or Ansell products, please contact:

Wouter Piepers, Global Communications Director,
tel: +32 2 528 75 68, cellular: +32 478 33 56 32, email:

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