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Comfort and grip innovations to AlphaTec range

5 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium – Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, today announced the EMEA introduction of two new gloves designed to protect hands against exposure to bases, oils, fuels, solvents and esters in medium and heavy-duty applications. The first is a chemical resistant AlphaTec® glove incorporating Aquadri® Moisture Management Technology (which absorbs 10 times more moisture than a traditional liner). The second is a flexible AlphaTec featuring Ansell Grip™ Technology for optimal wet, dry and oily grip in chemical environments.

The new AlphaTec 58-330 and 58-335 nitrile gloves help to prevent skin exposure to chemical hazards, while maximizing worker comfort through a unique technology that absorbs moisture accumulated from prolonged glove use. The comfort innovation results from Ansell Aquadri® Moisture Management Technology. During the glove’s manufacturing process, a cotton flocking is applied to a wet gel on the inside of the glove, creating an open celled-foam structure that is remarkably light and absorbent. It absorbs up to 10 times more perspiration than a traditional glove lining.

In recent Ansell research, 61 percent of workers described perspiration as “a significant problem” in chemical gloves, with 25% reporting that it has a notable effect on their ability to work. Chemical industry workers often wear thick, slippery, sweaty gloves. If workers’ hands become hot and sweaty, their first instinct is to remove the glove. Persistent moisture can also lead to unpleasant smelling gloves, and workers more inclined to dispose of them. A dry, comfortable glove can therefore have significant impact on worker compliance for safety.

“We combined the chemical protection of our AlphaTec gloves with our innovative AquaDri® moisture absorption technology to address workers’ primary source of discomfort – perspiration inside the glove,” says Peter Dobbelsteijn, Senior Vice President and Regional Director for the EMEA region. “These innovations in moisture management have even been introduced into well known household gloves brands we manufacture.

”The gloves are intended for automotive, OEM, chemical/refineries, metal fab, machinery, petroleum/chemical, pharmaceutical and transport/aerospace industries. Ideal uses include changing oil, fixing pumps, chemical mixing/handling, cleaning and de-greasing, handling equipment coated with oil, grease, acids and solvents.

Both the AlphaTec® 58-330 and AlphaTec® 58-335 gloves feature a high-performance nitrile compound that offers superior puncture, snag and abrasion protection compared to the rubber and neoprene gloves currently on the market, as well as a reversed lozenge palm finish for improved dry/wet grip and a foldable cuff gutter to prevent dripping on the forearm. The AlphaTec® 58-335 is longer and intended for heavier-duty applications.

Another key issue with chemical-resistant gloves is slippage due to poor grip and related hand fatigue. When working with wet cement, lubricants, pesticides, herbicides, paint thinners or plumbing chemicals, no spills should occur. Even gloves with a good dry grip can become slippery in oily or wet environments, causing cut injuries from sharp parts or tools and chemical exposure.

The new AlphaTec 58-430 and 58-435 incorporate Ansell Grip Technology into a more flexible glove, offering optimal dry, wet and oily grip in chemical environments. The AlphaTec 58-430/435 maintains its grip in oily environment for far longer than comparable gloves actively contributes to reducing the risk of cut injuries and chemical burns. In customer product testing, only 4% of workers replaced their AlphaTec 58-430/435 during their shift (compared to 66% of those who were using their current chemical glove).

Ansell Grip Technology is a coating treatment that minimizes the force required to grip oily or wet tools or materials. The outer layer of the glove consists in a nitrile layer filled with microscopic channels that actively transfer oils and other lubricants away from the gripping surface.

Poor grip can also reduce workers’ confidence, precision and productivity; compensating with extra force can cause hand fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders. The coating treatment of Ansell Grip Technology actually minimises the force needed to grasp greasy or wet tools and materials. This, in combination with the glove’s flexibility, reduces hand fatigue and improves dexterity, safety and productivity.

More flexible than the Alphatec with Aquadri, the AlphaTec 58-430 is intended for medium applications whereas the 58-435 is intended for heavy-duty applications and features a longer cuff to better protect the skin from liquid splashes and spills. Both are designed to give workers peace of mind and confidence in high-risk chemical environments.

These innovative gloves will be launched at the A+A Safety, Security and Health at Work International Trade Fair (Ansell booth, Hall 6, J39) which takes place in Düsseldorf from 5-8 November 2013.


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