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Ansell launches British Standards Institution-certified Micro-Touch® Premium exam glove and Nitrile Accelerator-Free variant

Because every healthcare professional deserves optimal protection

Brussels, November 8 2010
- Ansell Healthcare, a global leader in healthcare barrier protection, is launching two new powder-free, non-sterile examination gloves: the latex MicroTouch® Premium and the latex-free Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free. The MicroTouch® Premium is unique because its low AQL of 1.0 comes certified for contact with patients (medical device), exposure to chemicals (personal protection) and handling food. The glove has been awarded the British Standards Institution’s Kitemark®. The new Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free offers the qualities of a premium examination glove in a 100% nitrile formulation.

Certified premium protection

Healthcare workers wearing Micro-Touch® Premium are protected by a surgical glove-level AQL of 1.0 and an extra-long (260mm), unbeaded cuff that prevents roll-down. A force-at-break value of 11N (exceeding the EN 455 standards) provides high resistance against tearing and maintains the glove’s qualities over time. Its performance has earned the Kitemark® certification of the British Standards Institution.


Ansell’s versatile MicroTouch® Premium™ glove is certified as a (non-sterile) Class 1 medical device, protecting patients and professional healthcare workers from contamination. It is also certified as Category III Personal Protective Equipment, protecting nurses from a wide array of pharmaceutical substances and cleaning products. The glove has tested negative for carcinogenic nitrosamines (which can be absorbed through the skin and are known to leach from gloves into food) in migration tests and is certified for food contact.

An ideal “multi-purpose” glove, the white Micro-Touch® Premium™ can be selected as the main glove in nursing wards and dental surgeries. Healthcare workers can reach for the same type of glove, regardless of procedure or activity, and re-stocking is simple.

To lessen the risk of Type I allergies, the powder-free Micro-Touch® Premium has low protein levels(*). The risk of Type IV allergies is reduced because the glove is 100% thiuram-free, and contains a low level of residual process chemicals.

Nitrile choice

Ansell is also introducing a new latex-free nitrile glove to its examination glove range: the Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free. Both accelerator- and thiuram-free, it significantly minimises the risk of Type I and Type IV allergies. This non-sterile glove is suited for all applications requiring latex allergy prevention for healthcare workers and for contact with higher-risk patients such as in oncology and paediatrics.

Easy to wear, easy to don

The thin blue Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free glove combines good chemical resistance with good grip on instruments and latex-like comfort. It is composed of a ‘thermo-elastic’ material that adapts to the hand’s shape.

Both gloves have an inner polymer coating which makes donning and frequent glove changes easy.
A comfortable ergonomic fit facilitates movement and guarantees consistent sizing. The ambidextrous gloves are carefully packed into the newly designed dispensers in order to avoid several gloves coming out at once or gloves sticking together.

A Micro-Touch® for each requirement

Ansell’s exam gloves are now all grouped in the comprehensive Micro-Touch® range, which includes versatile and innovative products with a solution for each specialty. The “dual use” MDD/PPE, British Standards Institution-certified Micro-Touch® Premium and the Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator Free are the latest additions to the Micro-Touch® range.

(*) as measured by FITkit® and Modified Lowry methods
Micro-Touch®, Micro-Touch® Premium and Micro-Touch® Nitrile Accelerator-Free are registered trademarks of Ansell Ltd.
Kitemark® and the Kitemark® logo are trademarks of the British Standards Institution.
FITkit® is a trade mark of Icosagen AS (formerly Quattromed Ltd)

About Ansell:

Ansell is a world leader in providing superior health and safety protection solutions that enhance human well being. With operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, Ansell employs more than 10,000 people worldwide and holds leading market positions in industrial and medical gloves. Ansell is also a leading player in the household gloves and condom market segment globally. Information on Ansell and its products can be found at

Note to editors:〈=EN

Reference: European Journal of Parenteral & Pharmaceutical Sciences 2010; 15(1): 13-17, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sciences Society, “Reading the runes: demystification of disposable glove legislation”, Nick Gardner, SHIELD Scientific, Carshalton Beeches, Surrey, U.K.

For more information about Ansell gloves or Ansell Healthcare, please contact:

Wouter Piepers
Global Communications Director
tel: +32 (0)2 528 75 68

Olivier Trop
Media Relations
Foxtrop Consulting
tel: +32 486 510 419

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