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Reduced Hand Injuries thanks to Ansell’s Enhanced Visibility Gloves

Water-based Polyurethane HyFlex® 11-402: enhanced visibility for greater safety

Brussels, 10 September 2009. Ansell Healthcare, a global leader in barrier protective solutions, announces the first enhanced-visibility gloves to feature a water-based coating. The new HyFlex® 11-402 comes in a bright yellow which offers a stark contrast to its eco-friendly manufactured black coating. These comfortable, flexible gloves are recommended for improving workers’ visibility in varying light conditions. The gloves’ fingers are ¾ dipped -reinforcing finger protection- in water-based polyurethane. Unlike solvent-based PU, this does not penetrate the glove liner, leaving hands in contact with only a soft, flexible liner.

Visibility: not reserved for the night shift

Poor visibility poses a safety hazard to many workers, including builders, airport personnel, watchmen, emergency units, road crew workers, tow truck drivers, longshoremen, container handlers and anyone working in the vicinity of heavy machinery.

Luminosity conditions vary during “daytime” work shifts due to weather (rain or fog), daylight savings time or the overtime hours so common in the construction trades. Enhancing worker visibility by wearing bright colours is particularly important at dusk before lights are switched on this constitutes a dangerous period for workers.

Extending the safety zone

Bright yellow gloves such as the HyFlex® 11-402 help make a worker’s movements more visible to others. This is particularly important for crane signallers, for whom misinterpreted hand movements can spell disaster for site safety.
Enhanced visibility gloves more clearly delimitate a worker’s arm span, drawing greater attention to the “safety zone” which should surround him.

The comfort and grip of a HyFlex®

The multi-purpose HyFlex® 11-402 is intended for the building & construction, metallurgy, machinery and equipment, automotive, mining and logistics sectors. The glove’s strong grip makes it easy to safely grasp iron bars, install scaffolding, and handle machinery. Its close-fitting and comfortable 13-gauge knit ensures that individual fingers are provided the dexterity and flexibility they need—without the bulk.

The HyFlex® 11-402 is a knitted, seamless, supported and dipped glove offering good resistance to abrasion (EN388 performance levels: 4-1-3-1). Thanks to an ergonomic ¾ dipping design, the back of the fingers are protected against splashes while still allowing the hand to breathe through the liner. Water-based PU coating doesn’t penetrate the already seamless glove liner, ensuring a softer, more comfortable feel against the skin. Its excellent washability ensures prolonged lifetime for this premium quality glove. It is also silicone-free, making it suitable for handling unpainted metal, for instance.

Better for worker’s health and safety, better for the environment

Ansell's newly launched HyFlex® 11-402 is the first enhanced visibility knitted and dipped glove on the market to be coated with water-based PU. Using water in the manufacture of PU gloves or coatings is a more ecologically sound way to produce gloves.

These multi-purpose gloves are the latest addition to the world's most popular range of gloves, the HyFlex® range. Half a million workers don Ansell HyFlex® gloves each day, making them the number one selling industrial gloves in the world.

- ENDS –

HyFlex® 11-402, HyFlex® 11-400, HyFlex® 11-401, HyFlex® 11-435 and HyFlex® are trademarks of Ansell Ltd. or one of its affiliates.

About Ansell:
Ansell Limited is a global leader in barrier protective products. With operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Ansell employs more than 11, 000 people worldwide and holds leading positions in the natural latex and synthetic polymer glove and condom markets. Ansell operates in three main business segments: Occupational Healthcare, supplying hand protection to the industrial market; Professional Healthcare, supplying surgical and examination gloves to healthcare professionals; and Consumer Healthcare, supplying condoms and consumer hand protection. Information on Ansell and its products can be found at

Note to editors:

A product sheet and high-resolution colour photos may be downloaded from HyFlex ® 11-402 Press page. For more information about water-based PU issues and Ansell's environmentally friendly glove offer, see the HyFlex® 11-435 press release.

For more information about HyFlex® 11-402 or Ansell's industry offer, please contact:

Wouter Piepers, Communications Director,
Tel: +32 2 528 75 68,
Cellular: +32 478 33 56 32,

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